Labor Day is a time to celebrate and honor everything we do to serve our communities. It’s also a time to remember American workers who fought so hard in the past for things like safe working conditions, retirement security, and racial equality on the job.

But our effectiveness at fighting for workers makes us the target of a well-funded, coordinated attack on the freedoms of working people to negotiate for what’s rightfully ours. Corporations and politicians who support the ultra-wealthy want to take away your right to collectively bargain for better wages, benefits, and working conditions. We won’t let them do it.

We need your energy. Your ideas. Your enthusiasm. Because this union belongs to you. I encourage you to get involved with your local union! By standing together in Solidarity, there is nothing we can’t achieve.

This Labor Day, I ask you to join the fight with us, to Never Quit, and to always Rise Up! I thank you for doing your job day in and day out, and I want you all to know that AFSCME Council 66 will never stop fighting for you! I wish you and your loved ones a Happy Labor Day!

In Solidarity,

Dan DiClemente
President, AFSCME Council 66