Protection for Life’s Unexpected Moments

Sometimes, life doesn’t go according to plan. When those unfortunate events occur, look to the Council 66 Insurance Program for support.

The Council 66 Insurance Program is available exclusively to our union members and retirees. We use our group-buying power to get you the best possible rates on our insurance programs. Plus, we make it easy to pay your premiums with our convenient payroll deduction option—no bills to pay, no checks to write, and no missed payments!

Supplemental insurance programs provide you with benefits not covered by your major medical insurance or workers’ compensation. The programs are voluntary and you pay for them individually, which is what makes them different from the benefits provided to you by Council 66. Some examples of supplemental insurance programs include life, disability, auto, and home insurance.

Pearl Insurance creates and markets insurance programs based on the specific needs of Council 66 members and their families. All of their insurance programs that are available to you—Term Life, Group Disability, etc.—were designed exclusively for you and your fellow members.

Our Council 66 insurance representatives also provide worksite marketing, making it easy for you to get a free consultation or purchase insurance right at your job.

In short, we provide you with quality insurance plans at competitive rates in a convenient format.

Featured Products

  • Group Whole Life: Group Whole Life Insurance stays in force for your entire life. And with built-in guarantees, including a death benefit, cash-value growth, and a fixed premium, you’ll help lay the groundwork for long-term financial security. So your loved ones will be protected, should anything happen to you.
  • Term Life: Council 66 members and their spouses or domestic partners who are under age 60, paying their membership dues, and performing the duties of their occupation according to their regular schedule are eligible to apply. Dependents include the member’s lawful spouse or domestic partners under age 60 and any unmarried children age 15 days to 26 years.
  • Universal Life: Group Universal Life Insurance is permanent coverage that can be customized to your changing financial needs throughout your life. Your policy builds cash value that earns interest. So whatever life throws your way, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing your loved ones will be taken care of.
  • Comprehensive Accident Insurance Plan (CAP): CAP is designed to provide Council 66 members and their spouses/domestic partners (under age 60 and actively at work) with bundled accidental insurance protection, on or off the job. CAP provides three different accidental coverages under one plan: Accident Hospital Indemnity, Accident Disability Income, and Accidental Death.
  • Critical Illness: Council 66-Sponsored Critical Illness Insurance gives you a lump benefit to spend as you wish if you are diagnosed with a critical illness. It can help fill the gaps that traditional life, medical, and disability coverage may leave.
  • Group Disability: If you became too ill or injured to work, could you afford daily living expenses like food, gas, and house payments? Council 66-Sponsored Group Disability Insurance can help ease your financial burden should you become disabled—whether it happens on or off the job.
  • Group Hospital & Home Care: Council 66-Sponsored Group Hospital & Home Care Recovery Insurance is available to both active and retiree members. It helps cover the cost of potential hospital stays and post-recovery needs, and acts as a supplement to any other health insurance you may have.
  • Auto & Home: With our Auto & Home Insurance Buying Service, you can compare rates with ease. One of our expert representatives will shop your policy with over 10 different companies, allowing you to quickly find the right combination of coverage and price.
  • Pet Insurance: Pets are a special part of every family—ensure their health is protected. Council 66-Sponsored VPI Pet Insurance helps cover the costs of your pet’s eligible medical treatments, surgeries, lab fees, X-rays, prescriptions, and more. With pet coverage, you can make decisions for your pet based on your veterinarian’s recommendations, rather than on the cost of treatment.